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Of simple construction, they are very strong although beeing of low tare weight.These reels are available in small or medium series construction and cover almost every requirement.

BCG - Steel Pressed Reels with a Single Flange - These reels are suitable for insulated cables, wires and metallic cords. - more details...

BF - Pressed Reels with a Double Ribbed Flange - These reels are suitable for fine wires, delicate insulated cables, and for high load carrying ability. - more details...

BPS - Reels with a Double Pressed Flange - These are suitable for both high velocity and load carrying operations and specialy suited for wire drawing machines. - more details...

BAP - Pressed Reels with a Double Ribbed Flange- Suitable for any kind of wires and insulated cables, also for high loading capacity.
- more details...
  BCL - Light Series Pressed Reels - Suitable wire for staples. Reels can be fitted with bearings.
- more details...


Interchangeable Tooling Heads for Straightening & Cutting!

The TRAMEV line of cutting tools, available in North America through Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., offers a full range of portable tooling for shearing, cutting, straightening and bending of rebar, metal wire, cable, rod, bar and chain.

- more details here...



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