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Delivering Reliability and Know-How for the Cutting of Wire, Cable, Rod & Bar


The TRAMEV line of cutting tools, available in North America through Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., offers a full range of portable tooling for shearing, cutting, straightening and bending of rebar, metal wire, cable, rod and bar. This range of equipment allows fast and effective solutions to the problems related to rebar, rod and bar processing operations. The tools provide quick and efficient cuts with maximum operator safety.

Wire, cable & rod processors can eliminate the use of dangerous cutting torches, open-bladed cut-off saws and manually operated shears by using the TRAMEV range of light and portable tools designed to shear, cutoff, bend and even straighten. 

TRAMEV cutting tool technology provides very simple and safe  operation. These powerful compact units also eliminate bulky and awkward pumps and hoses through their simple plug-in and press-start design concept.

We have provided some the largest manufacturers of power cables in the world with this range of Portable Cutting Tools.  Our cable shears can cut cable up to diameter’s of 150 mm, even 170 mm with the powerful units made by Tramev specifically designed for these applications

TRAMEV cutting tools are designed to ensure the success of your wire handling & other rod and bar processing applications.  Power options for TRAMEV cutters include battery operated, electrically powered or electro-hydraulically powered options. Models offer fixed tooling heads or a motor body with interchangeable cutting heads. Units are available in 110 V or 230 V, with other electrical options available upon request.

Electrical and motor-driven power packs and hydraulic reservoirs are available for all TRAMEV portable hydraulic-operated cutting tool heads. Also offered are combustion engines that can be adapted to drive the unit instead of the electric motor in instances of field work, remote or isolated working conditions.  These portable hand-held tools for solid materials can cut, bend and straighten wire, rod and rebar up to 50 mm in diameter, even for the most demanding applications.

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MU 16
Electro -


T50 Inter
changeable Cutting head


Cut-22 mm solid bar


TC180 Inter
changeable Cutting head for up to 180 mm cable dia.


TF32  Inter
changeable Cutting head for up to
32 mm cable/rope



TRB Battery Rod/Bar Straightener



TR series rod/
straightener with

VDS700 Power Pack





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