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  Cometo - Easily Incorporated Into Any Line  

Cometo is a worldwide supplier of wire straightening, guiding & feeding equipment.  The high quality standards enable their wire handling equipment to meet the needs of the most ambitious applications. Whether you are considering new, upgrading or modifying spring making, wire forming, bending & coiling machinery, Cometo offer the wire handling accessories for set-up on almost any machine. Can also be added to upgrade machinery where additional pulling forces or faster speeds are required.

Feeders - for wire, flat strip, tube and shaped wire 
●  Wire Straighteners – single plane, dual plane and multi-plane models (also offering a straightener with  roller positioning / adjustment indicators) 
●   Wire Guides  - different models for a diverse selection of applications  
●   Traversing Units – mechanical and electronic versions   ●   Rotating Die Holders  - for wire dia. up to 20 mm 
●   Automated Straightener Systems – for Rebar processing   ●   Replacement Wire Straightener & Wire Guide Rollers 
●   Special Wire Straightener’s  - for Tire Cord & Welding Wire
●   NEW Straightening & Cutting Machines-various materials  / Straight & Cut Machines for Welding Rod , TIG Rod marking application

When Wire Handling Equipment Performance is Critical ….SIMPLER WIRE HANDLING WITH THE COMETO AL FEEDER
- the most cost effective FEEDER solution -

AL6 and AL12 models, suitable for almost any application of feeding wire, cable, metal strip, tubing and shaped aterials.   Feeder units are of a compact design and easily added into almost any line of operation. AL feeders  can be intergrated into new CNC machinery or to modify, convert or upgrade existing machinery -  Wire Benders, Wire Formers, Straighten, Feed & Cut and Coiling Machinery.  The roller opening/closing is available in Pnreumatic, Hydraulic or Mechanical Cam Lever.  Units are suitable for pulley or motor driven requirements.  For up to 20 mm (3/4”) wire diameter and speed up to 180 m/min (590 ft/min).  

The pulling rolls, or pinch rollers are linked together by a set of gears, so the material is pulled by both rollers with excellent results and without excessive pressure on  the material in the rollers.  Rollers are made of steel and have lapped groove profiles.  For particularly fragile materials, rollers can be manufactured in a plastic material.  Roller grooves are profiled according to customer requirements.   Units can be linked together with up to three modules – single, double or three module units are offered according to application requirements – see alongside.

Cometo also offer complete systems, from the basic line equipped with a simple reducer and motor to a servo motor or an electronic drive, depending on the working application requirements.  Many machine manufacturers prefer fitting their own motors and electronic systems to incorporate their own design features.

The company further compliments its range of wire handling equipment with wire straightener’s, wire guides, replacement straightener and guide rollers, traversing units, rotating dies and straightening machines for rebar processing.

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