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  NEW - Lighter, Fabricated Steel Reels for Extrusion Line Processing Release  

A.Appiani's product range also caters for various spools for extruding applications.

Traditionally, standard single flange pressed spools (our BCG type) or composite ABS-Steel spools (our P-type) are used in extruding processes (above all, the second type mentioned, our P-type, is widely used for extruding of telephone cable/communication cable, fibre optics, etc).

dynamically balanced structural steel reelsTo respond to today's new trend and the needs for lower cost spools ensuring, on one side, high performance (high speed through effecient dynamic balancing) and on the other side, longer cable lengths with higher weight capacities, A.Appiani has focused more on the manufacturing of partially machined and dynamically balanced structural steel reels suitable for the extruding process. This kind of reel is also suitable for the extruding process of large size cables.

Features and advantages:

  • lighter structure than the traditional BCS reels. Traditiionally, in extrusion, there are no heavy weight spools, so a lighter structure is more appreciated
  • quicker to assemble, thanks to the "simple" structure that calls for the need for reduced costs
  • geometrically perfect - minimum tolerances and reduced concentricity due to partical machining and dynamic balancing according to Q16 ISO 1940
  • suitable for high speed processes up to 25 m/s
  • full machining of the barrel can be provided if required
  • options available: pockets for reel lifting and handling, screwed/pressed interchangeable bores with hardened steel bushes or other special materials

Double Flanged Pressed Steel Reel Double Flanged Pressed Steel Reel also Suitable for Extrusion Line Processing

An alternative to the BCS reel, is our BAP type reel (double flanged pressed steel reel) - also a partially machined and dynamically balanced reel which is also very suitable in the extruding process.

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