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  Facility & Product Line Expansion    

A Appiani, represented in North America by Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., continues its efficient & productive manufacturing technologies by increasing its capacity for the production of drums and reels for cable, rope and strands.

A.Appiani ReelsThis range of products includes its structural reels type BCS (see top picture) and its corrugated BFA type or fin flanged reels (centre picture) – these BFA type reels are also offered with a smooth internal flange and drum surface (as shown in bottom picture) which is the suitable choice for medium and high voltage cable.

The implementation of 3D software and FEA simulations gives support to the design and evaluation of reel capacity for the prevention of ruptures in the event of heavy-duty applications. These reels incorporate shipping spools (oneway or multiple shipping type) or process reels with flange diameters ranging from 800 mm to 4000 mm – these dimensions are according to DIN norms or customer’s requirements.

A range of options include reinforcements for drum-twister applications – special structure for heavy duty reinforced in critical parts to avoid flange spread – reel pockets to accommodate devices for reel lifting – statically and dynamically balanced reels for high speed processes according to G16 ISO 1940 – pressed or screwed interchangeable bushes is also available in hardened material to prevent wear – spools with smooth internal flange and drum surfaces for delicate cables – breakdown or take apart reels for easy assembling at costumer’s facility – folding or removable (screwed) flanges to accommodate simplified packaging & shipping.A.Appiani Reels

Reel treatments include: standard epoxy-painting, coatings in polyurethane with primer, hot-galvanized according to UNI EN ISO 1461, powder coatings, special coverings for flanges and/or barrel to protect the cable, treatments for tropical and humid high temperature environments.

Spools available for umbilical and oil/marine applications.

Reels are also available in inox.

Ancillary equipment from Appiani includes cradles and pallets, steel baskets and lifting equipment for reel handling.



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