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Cometo - Introduction of Wire Handling
Equipment & Accessories

AITMAC Inc, the North American business of Italy’s Cometo s.n.c., offers a comprehensive selection of wire straightening, guiding and feeding attachments. Cometo, with more than 30 years experience, is a distinguished manufacturer of wire handling equipment and is constantly striving to improve systems, processes and technology to enable our customers to attain a competitive edge in the manufacturing market.

Cometo - Wire Handling

With its comprehensive range of products, produced by the latest in CNC equipment with Electronic Quality Control (EQC), they also incorporate the most advanced technologies available in the manufacture of wire processing equipment. With unprecedented consistency in quality and dependability, various equipment options are available to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Cometo Wire Handling Products include:-
• Wire Straighteners (single, dual and multi-plane models)
• Automatic Wire Straighteners – for Rebar and Wire Forming applications
• Wire Guides and Cable Centering Units – Various types
• Rotating Die Units – for wire dia. up to 20 mm
• Traversing units – pneumatic and electronic versions
• Feeder Units with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic roller opening/closing
• Spare Straightening and Wire Guide Rollers (Replacement Rollers)


Interchangeable Tooling Heads for Straightening & Cutting!

The TRAMEV line of cutting tools, available in North America through Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., offers a full range of portable tooling for shearing, cutting, straightening and bending of rebar, metal wire, cable, rod, bar and chain.

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