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The B-TYPE SPOOL RECONDITIONING unit is built to serve the explicit purpose of returning B-type spools to the original condition. This unit is designed for the straightening of flanges flexed outwards and does not recondition the barrel. B-type B-Type Reel Reconditioningspools encounter an outward flex of the flanges during regular use due to their assembly design and material composition.

This reconditioning process will bring the flanges that are bent outward back into original alignment in relation to the barrel. Spools that have flanges bent or flexed inward through accidental dropping or mishandling cannot automatically be reconditioned in this unit - a special hand tool and attachment is provided with the machine to serve the purpose of manually straightening or flexing the flange outward so that the flanges can comply the designed reconditioning and straightening procedure.

The flange straightening operation is accomplished by pressing the flanges with hydraulically operated cylinders against a specially fixed steel backing plane with adjustable sloping plates.
Reels are automatically driven to the holding cradle (reflanging press). The operator has just to position the reels on the inspection chutes. These inspection chutes facilitate the selection that the operator has to do on the spools to be reconditioned. Spools damaged by impact that have ‘inward bent flanges’ cannot be reconditioned.

These spools will be stopped by the inspection chutes (before pressing inspection chutes) and will be manually removed by the operator. The other spools will be driven automatically to the reflanging press and then to other inspection chutes (after pressing inspection chutes) to test the spool reconditioning degree. Spools that are particularly worn may need a further repressing and will be stopped by this second inspection chute. At this point the stopped spools will be automatically removed by the rails to allow the machine to continue. The spools that roll freely through the inspection chutes after the repressing are moved automatically to a lateral sloping chute to return to the operator position so that the packaging can be accomplished.

This machine can be provided using a single or double reconditioning head. A double head machine is able to recondition two spools at the same time. The double head assembly will allow for greater productivity, as the unit is able to process almost twice as many reels simultaneously.

Two possible reconditioning preparations/adjustments are available (B40/60 and B80). On the double headed unit it is possible to recondition B40/60 on one side and B80 on the other side. As mentioned, the unit is able to re-condition all B-Type spools (B-40, B-60 and B80), but a small adjustment needs to be made when changing the reflanging head selection from one type to another. There are few components that need to be the mounted into the reconditioning head in order to recondition B-80 type reels. This operation may take about 2 hours for an operator to complete.

Main Components of the Machine :

• electrical panel
• flanges (conical flanges, shim, extensions)
• hydraulic control unit
• ejection cylinder
• feeding chute
• inspection chute (before pressing and after pressing)
• reel holding cradle
• protection guards

Fixed Protection Guards :

The machine is supplied with fixed protection coverings fabricated from punched steel plate.
These guards are located on the front loading side and the rear unloading side of the machine. These guards protect the operator and other personnel from any danger of pressing or dropping caused by any moving parts or component in the process.

Technical Data : Double Reconditioning Head

# Productivity : see below
# Power Consumption : 8Kw
# Power Supply : 380V, 3 phase, 50Hz
# Air Consumption : approx. 700 Lt/hr
# Weight of machine : approx. Kg 3500
# No foundation work is required - simple fastening on the ground is sufficient
# Electrical set-up and PLC manufactured to all European Safety standards
# Includes full CE certification
# Machine dimension : see attached drawing for machine dimensions and operation

A single head machine is also available. The machine concept is the same but with only one repressing unit. The main technical data of the single unit machine below :

- Productivity : see below
- Power consumption : 4 Kw
- Power supply : 380V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
- Air consumption : approx 350 Lt/hour maximum
- Weight of machine : approx Kg 1700
- No foundation work is required - simple fastening to the ground is sufficient
- Electrical set up and PLC manufactured to all EU safety standards
- Includes full CE certification

Notes about machines productivity :
The machine pressing cycle takes 7 seconds. This means that if the spools are not stopped by the rails, the theoretic capacity is No. 514 spools per hour for the single head machine and No. 1028 spools per hour for the double head machine.
The machine productivity (in real time) depends on many factors : spools condition, machine set up, number of operators, target dimensions and others.
With a single operator, the single head machine productivity can be in the region of 250-280 spools per hour (the loss of productivity is due to the spool handling and packaging that are included in the reported productivity – the operator in fact has to fill the machine with spools to be reconditioned but, at the same time, he has to discharge the machine and place the reconditioned spools on a pallet or wooden box).
The double head machine productivity is approx 600-630 spools per hour but in this case two operators are needed (one to fill the machine and one to provide the spool handling and packaging – or two operators that provide the two operations their own).

A.Appiani personel are available for machine installation / start up (recommended)


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